OBD announces the completion of the pilot study and discovery of EpiSwitch™ biomarkers for NPC.

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), a cancer originating in the nasopharynx, is a significant concern in certain regions of East Asia where incidences can reach up to 30/100,000 people. The causes of an increased risk for NPC in these regions are not entirely clear, it is understood that there are both epigenetic and genetic factors implicated in its causation and almost all forms of NPC are associated with EBV infection. NPC produces few symptoms early in its course, with the result that most cases are quite advanced when detected. With this in mind, OBD carried out a pilot study on blood samples from Filipino and Singaporean populations with NPC using its EpiSwitch™ technology. Biomarkers from three loci – DLC1, DLEC-1, and RASSF1A showed particularly promising results, differentiating samples from NPC patients and controls, and will be utilised in the final design of the diagnostic test.