MicroArray Technologist

Job Details:

The MicroArray Technologist will be responsible for performing aCGH using custom designed arrays from Agilent. The position requires wet-bench lab experience and understanding of Agilent aCGH arrays. Previous experience in a clinical cytogenetic lab would be advantageous.


You will:

Be responsible for the array operations within the company as well as performing the wet lab operations using Agilent aCGH arrays. As such it is essential you have extensive knowledge of running Agilent arrays

Be proficient in operating and maintaining microarray hardware and analysis software.

Triage cases for which array testing had been requested and communicate with Project leads and senior project leads

Work with a team of technologists as well as collaborate with the main laboratory to ensure accurate and timely reporting of array results.

Review all test requests thoroughly for errors, omissions, clarity, and potential problems.

Must follow unidirectional flow of specimen handling to avoid contamination.

Help maintain commonly used equipment. Resolve minor equipment problems and operate equipment carefully and according to procedures.

Perform necessary equipment checks, performance testing, preventive maintenance, and quality control on equipment per laboratory guidelines, as assigned.

Assure equipment and instruments meet performance standards and record results.

Complying and have working experience under ISO 13485/ 9001 would be an advantage.


Education and Experience

BSc in Medical Technology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, or related life sciences field with experience working in a Cytogenetics laboratory with 1 year of chromosomal microarray (SNP-Array and/or aCGH)

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Good laboratory and organizational skills, including the ability to work independently and efficiently are essential

Ability to multitask, along with an orientation toward teamwork and leadership

Strong creative thinking and problem solving skills