Job Position: Biological Data Scientist        

Reports to: Chief of Data Officer

Department: Data Science & Bioinformatics

Date:  07/09/2021

Full time, 40 hours per week, 20 days holiday plus statutory holidays, auto-enrolment on pension scheme with 5% company input.  Private Healthcare                 


The Biological Data Scientist works closely with scientists and the members of the Data Science team to analyze, support and drive the company’s data produced with the EpiSwitch® biomarkers discovery platform. Other responsibilities include: Contributing in the development of software solutions to support the statistical and bioinformatical analysis of data produced by the reference laboratories and public data to interpret the EpiSwitch® platform output.


Essential Functions to be Successful in this Position (weighted)

  1. Database development and Maintenance – Develop a 3D Genetic Knowledge Database centered around EpiSwitch® data and 3rd party data. Keeping data up to the latest standards developed by the Data Science and Bioinformatics team– 20%
  2. Work with others in the team to implement data analysis pipelines with user-friendly interface suitable for biologists to process, analyze, and interpret data. – 20%
  3. Research and Development – Develop novel strategies to integrate and analyze multi-omics and other types of data for discovery of biomarkers and new targets. – 20%
  4. Development of software and data solutions to allow non-specialists to interact with EpiSwitch data and other data streams  – 20%
  5. Provide more basic statistical support for follow-up work with biology teams to analyze and implement systems biology analysis methods across a range of data types to create biological in-silico networks for biological insights. – 20%



BSc/MSc/PhD Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, or strong data analysis skills gained in other fields such as statistics/mathematics or physics.



Some experience (2-3 years) in an applied Bioinformatics or Analytical environment either in an industry or large academic lab


•     Research experience in data analysis/software development.

•     With Skills in at least one of the programming languages: R, Python, Java, JavaScript or C/C++

•     Experienced in the use of a UNIX/LINUX environments.

•     Knowledge of statistical analysis on large datasets. e.g. statistics techniques commonly applied for clinical biology, machine learning/AI, linear and non-linear modelling and data-mining algorithms

•     Experienced with Git and working in a collaborative software environment.

•     Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team

•     Ability to work independently with minimal supervision, but also operating as part of a team, providing direction and guidance as required

•     Demonstration of initiative and ability to conceive, design and execute appropriate experimental analyses and draw conclusions from the outcomes

•     Excellent presentation skills

•     Flexibility and willingness to work out of regular hours if required
•     Must be eligible to work in the UK
•     No agencies, please
•     Please send cover letter and CV to