EpiSwitch™ is a proprietary industrial platform for the discovery, evaluation, validation and monitoring of a novel class of epigenetic biomarkers known as ‘chromosome conformation signatures’ (“CCSs”). CCSs can provide a compelling, stable framework from which changes in the regulation of a genome can be analysed, long before the results of these epigenetic changes manifest themselves as obvious abnormalities.

Chromosomal Conformation Capture

The packaging of chromosomal DNA plays a critical role in the epigenetic regulation of the whole genome. It ensures effective storage, access to genetic information and its regulation by the complex protein machinery utilised in gene expression. Known also as ‘gene loops’, ‘long-range chromosomal interactions’ and ‘chromatin domains’, CCSs have been recognised as an essential high-level framework of epigenetic regulation imposed across the whole genome and reflecting its fractal nature of organisation.

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Episwitch™ Pipeline


Episwitch™ Design Annotation

Proprietary pattern recognition bioinformatic algorithms used to detect specific DNA sites as high probability targets for CCS detection


Episwitch™ Array

High throughput screening and statistical analysis performed to detect high-order chromosomal structures (i.e. a short list of CCS biomarker candidates for further analysis).

Episwitch™ PCR Platform

Translation and verification of selected marker candidates for further reduction and cross-validation of stratifying signatures, ready for validation.

Episwitch™ NGS

High throughput sequencing and bioinformatic analysis to detect high-order chromosomal conformation signatures, ready for cross-validation by other modalities.


Episwitch™ PCR Platform

Validation of the Selected marker signatures on independent sample cohorts for use by OBD’s commercial partners.

Our Publications on Episwitch™

Breast cancer: development of early non-invasive diagnostics to reduce disease mortality and psychological outcomes.

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