About Us

Oxford Biodynamics is a global biotech company advancing personalized healthcare by developing & commercializing precision medicine tests for life-changing diseases.

Bringing a third dimension to precision medicine

Our portfolio of clinical tests and research tools based on EpiSwitch® technology aims to help people face the most challenging health decisions with confidence and tackle the rising costs of healthcare. We are partnering with CLIA-certified commercial labs to deliver these important tests into the hands of physicians to meet demand and help patients as quickly as possible.

EpiSwitch PSE (EpiSwitch Prostate Screening (PSE) Test)

An extremely accurate screening test, boasting 94% overall accuracy, that pinpoints an individual’s current risk of prostate cancer using a small sample of blood.

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EpiSwitch CiRT (Checkpoint inhibitor Response Test)

A first-of-its-kind smart blood test for cancer patients that provides guidance on navigating the toughest challenges of immunotherapy like treatment planning, pseudo-progression, and adverse events.

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EpiSwitch CST (COVID Severity Test)

An advanced test for understanding a patient’s individual risk of severe illness due to COVID-19.

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EpiSwitch Explorer Array Kit

For the first time, OBD enables any researcher to explore 3D genomics at both scale + high resolution using our commercially available microarray for biomarker discovery.

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Our journey to becoming the 3D genomics experts

OBD was spun out from Oxford University in 2007 with the aim of translating fundamental scientific advances in 3D Genomics into a new generation of commercialized blood tests for life-changing diseases. OBD is making good on this aim, delivering both EpiSwitch CiRT, EpiSwitch PSE and EpiSwitch CST into the hands of doctors. 

Today, OBD’s 24,000 sq ft headquarters in Oxford, UK, houses offices and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. OBD’s commercial team has an office in Gaithersburg and a clinical laboratory in Frederick, MD, USA, and the company has an ISO-certified laboratory in Penang, Malaysia.

OBD has participated in 40+ partnerships with pharma and leading institutions including Pfizer, EMD Serono, Genentech, Roche, Biogen, Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma. The Company has created a valuable technology portfolio, including biomarker arrays, molecular diagnostics, bioinformatic tools for 3D genomics and an expertly curated 3D genome knowledgebase comprising hundreds of millions of data points from 15,000+ samples in 30+ human diseases.

"We focus on 3D genomics because the 3D configuration of the genome plays a crucial role in gene regulation."

OBD’s proprietary EpiSwitch technology maps this 3D architecture at scale, identifying abnormal configurations, that can be used to diagnose patients or predict how someone may respond to a disease or treatment.

What we value at OBD

OBD’s strategy is underpinned by its values, which are reflected in all corporate activities.


Saving lives by reducing-to-practice and commercializing high-quality, impactful EpiSwitch biomarkers.


Willing to explore and adapt to new ideas and changes.

Achieving excellence

Adhering to good working practice and quality procedure compliance. Delivering results of unique value.


Respecting others and encouraging a diverse work environment.


Maintaining a high standard of work and professionalism.

Leadership that is committed to expanding the future of 3D genomics

Our leadership team and Board of Directors are comprised of a highly diversified group of global thought leaders.