EpiSwitch®️ Platform

Enabling 3D genomics for precision medicine at scale

The EpiSwitch platform is uniquely capable of reproducibly translating 3D genome regulation for clinical application. This platform opens the doors to a portfolio of clinical smart tests based on EpiSwitch® technology aiming to help people face the most challenging health decisions with confidence and tackle the rising costs of healthcare.


The genome’s 3D shape is as important as the genetic code it contains.

3D genomics (or “chromosome conformation”) is a fundamental upstream gatekeeper controlling how genes are turned on and off. This highly complex control offers a huge wealth of untapped health information.

Understanding the 3D genome is key to diagnosing disease, predicting drug response & determining health outcomes.

Because 3D genomic markers provide insights into the regulatory controls of the genome, our tests answer important clinical questions where other modalities fail.

DNA is the 3D storage of the heritable footprint of network regulation- genetic, epigenetic, and metabolic

The EpiSwitch® platform unlocks this universe of powerful health information.

The EpiSwitch platform maps the regulatory 3D genome at scale.

Whole-body 3D gene regulation from blood

Systemic, early-stage 3D genomic regulatory changes can be captured from peripheral blood, long before the results of these epigenetic changes manifest as observable symptoms.

EpiSwitch blood-based markers have delivered highly accurate and robust predictive, prognostic, and diagnostic assays in oncology, autoimmune, neurological, and infectious disease applications.

We know where to find the drivers of 3D gene regulation.

Whole genome biomarker discovery in high-resolution

Knowing where to look dramatically simplifies the task. We encoded the EpiSwitch Array to simultaneously interrogate 1 million data points — incorporating a radically richer complexity than conventional methods.

Highest sensitivity - cuts through the noise

Built on an Agilent backbone, the EpiSwitch Array measures regulatory 3D architecture with high signal-to-noise ratio, complexity, resolution, and reproducibility, filtering out stochastic noise.

End-to-end bioinformatic tools with low analytical overhead.

Low cost, rapid results

Sample-to-results in a small fraction of the cost and time of sequencing-based methods, with a mature workflow.

Meaningful data

Mapping of 3D genomic markers onto the genome provides a full context for visualization, biological interpretation, and enrichment analyses.

3D genomic markers translated into clinical qPCR tests.

EpiSwitch-powered qPCR assays (MIQE compliant)

OBD has a mature, end-to-end solution for EpiSwitch biomarker discovery, translation and verification of robust clinical qPCR assays. Contact us for expert industrial delivery of 3D-genomic biomarkers.

Only platform delivering commercial 3D genomic tests

The EpiSwitch Platform delivered validated, commercial products to the clinic: EpiSwitch CiRT (Checkpoint inhibitor Response Test), EpiSwitch PSE (EpiSwitch Prostate Screening (PSE) Test), and EpiSwitch CST (COVID Severity Test).

Vast, previously untapped data critical for health unlocked by the EpiSwitch platform

When we look at the genome folded in 3D, parts that appear distant can be close together, controlling the activity of each other in a hugely complex, interconnected web.

At OBD, we have decoded this web and compiled the world’s largest knowledgebase of 3D genome regulation, with deep maps for 30+ diseases.

Ready to use powerful EpiSwitch tools + a full-stack bioinformatic tool suite with low analytical overhead.

With the power of EpiSwitch Array Kit and EpiSwitch Portal, we are able to rapidly build and deploy powerful molecular tests to address the most challenging questions in precision medicine and clinical trial stratification.

EpiSwitch Explorer Array Kit

Reproducible high-resolution 3D genomics-in-a-box.

EpiSwitch Array enables rapid, sensitive mapping of the regulatory 3D whole genome.

EpiSwitch Portal

Turnkey, full-stack analytics + genome mapping suite.

3D genomics and its biological context are key to diagnosing disease and determining health.

EpiSwitch Services

Expert, validated industrial delivery of 3D genomic biomarkers.

EpiSwitch analysis services utilize our proprietary validated industrial platform for 3D genomic biomarkers for pharma.