Our proprietary technology platform enables pharmaceutical companies to accelerate and improve the rate of drug discovery and development

Through the development of epigenetic biomarkers, EpiSwitch® can help pharmaceutical companies to:

REDUCE the risk, cost and time to market for therapeutic development programmes

GAIN significant insights into disease mechanisms, to support the personalisation of medicine

PERSONALISE therapeutics to patients, to ensure better clinical outcomes

Robust and validated, award-winning technology

Highly experience Management team, with deep technical and commercial expertise

Extensive IP portfolio, protected by worldwide patents

Leading position within a large and growing biomarker sector, underpinned by strong macro momentum

Expanding pipeline of revenue generating contracts with leading US/ European/ Swiss pharmaceutical companies

Opportunity for significant value enhancement through multiple licensing opportunities on a global basis

Service Offering


  • Reduced trial failure rates
  • Reduced time and cost to market
  • Early diagnosis
  • Tailoring of therapeutics
  • Reduced cost and increased efficacy of therapeutics
  • Better patient outcomes

Business model and growth strategy

Strategic aim:  Leading the industry standard for CCS-based biomarkers


1. Continued development of contracts with pharma and research partners

2. Expand own proprietary pilot research


3. Complete biomarker panel validation


4. Leverage IP licensing opportunities

  • Multiple applications
  • Multiple pathologies