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Development and validation of blood-based prognostic biomarkers for severity of COVID disease outcome using EpiSwitch 3D genomic regulatory immuno-genetic profiling.

MedRxiv |

Infectious disease

Genomic architecture differences at the HTT locus associated with symptomatic and pre-symptomatic cases of Huntington’s disease in a pilot study.

Edelweiss: Psychiatry Open Access |


3D genomic capture of regulatory immuno-genetic profiles in COVID-19 patients for prognosis of severe COVID disease outcome.

BioRxiv |

Infectious disease

Chromatin conformation changes in peripheral blood can detect prostate cancer and stratify disease risk groups.

Journal of Translational Medicine |


Radicava/edaravone findings in biomarkers from ALS (REFINE ALS): Protocol and study design.

Neurology: Clinical Practice |


The prospective study of epigenetic regulatory profiles in sport and exercise monitored through chromosome conformation signatures.

Genes |